Unfortunately there is no universal hot key that I’m aware of that minimizes every full screen games or apps in OS X. However, there is a few short cuts you can try out:

  • CMD-M
  • CMD-H
  • CMD-Enter
  • CMD-Tab

This is a problem that have annoyed me since I first switched to Mac OS X and finally I’ve found a solution that works without too much tweaking. The french hacker NoMitsu has created a patch that allows you to fix this with just a few clicks.


  1. Download the patch here
  2. Doubleclick and enter password
  3. You can now use the media shortcuts without iTunes interfering


You have to re-run the patch everytime you update OS X.

If you are seraching for the Print Screen button on your new Apple Keyboard you can stop now and instead use the following shortcuts in OS X:

  1. To capture the entire desktop. Press Command-Shift-3
  2. To capture a portion of the desktop. Press Command-Shift-4
  3. To capture a specific application window. Press Command-Shift-4, then press the Spacebar

The problem

A horizontal line occurs that cannot be deleted with the delete key or backspace.

The solution

  1. Place the cursor right above/below the horizontal line
  2. From your menu, choose Format
  3. Once you click on Format, click on Borders and shading
  4. Choose the Setting, in the upper left select None, then hit Ok
  5. The line should disappear

How to turn off the auto-format feature for borders

  1. From the menu, choose Word
  2. Once you click on Word, click on Preferences
  3. Click AutoCorrect
  4. Choose AutoFormat as You Type
  5. Uncheck Borders